The view from our roof (and thoughts on happiness)

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The fog has finally lifted from our neighborhood, so I ran up to our roof before work to catch the view in the morning light. The beauty of this city still takes my breath away.

Happiness has been a bit elusive for me during the past year. Just when I think I have it, it slips away again. A wise person told me recently that you can hold two things at once: happiness, disappointment; thankfulness for what you have, sadness for what you lost. I like this concept a lot, and sitting up on our roof felt like yet another example of it. This city is hard to live in sometimes – it’s stupid-expensive and it takes forever to get anywhere – but daaaaamn. It’s gorgeous.

Photos taken in the Inner Sunset, San Francisco.

One thought on “The view from our roof (and thoughts on happiness)

  1. Winter Skelton

    Beautiful photos (you are really getting the hang of this photography thing) and beautiful thoughts. I like those sentiments too . . . And yes, it is a gorgeous city.


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