Girls weekend on the Central Coast

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The Central Coast of California is big-time dreamy. A group of 13 girls piled in a few cars and airplanes to spend a weekend celebrating our friend and bride-to-be Edyta in Carpinteria. We were so excited, I miiiiight have gotten pulled over for speeding on the way there (thank you nice police officer who gave me a ticket for tinted windows instead). The house we rented ended up being more like a sprawling estate. I kept saying “jeez, it takes sooooo long to walk across this house” as if that were a problem. The weekend was exactly what I needed – we laughed a lot, drank a few too many cocktails, lounged in the front yard that over-looked the Pacific Ocean (seriously? seriously.) and danced our faces off. There also might have been a stripper involved. We spent a lot time in our pajamas. It was perfect.

If you’re feeling stressed or in a rut, I highly recommend a girls weekend away. Bonus points if you’re lucky enough to live close to the little paradise also known as California.

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