On growth


I am experiencing one of those moments in life where everything is going right – when you need to take a minute to just be thankful for all that you have. We moved to San Francisco almost three years ago. And although it has been amazing and has caused me to grow in ways I never thought possible, it has been really, really hard. It’s no surprise to me that people stay where they are. The path we chose was certainly the harder one. We both essentially started from scratch in our careers; we went from living in a house with a huge yard and a five-minute commute to work, to living in a small one-bedroom apartment and an hour commute. I’ve been tired a lot. And I’ve questioned if this is the right place for us. Wouldn’t it just be easier to move back home and live a simpler life?




Three years later, all the hard work – the exhaustion, the tears, some really tough stuff, the crap jobs, the feeling of being in transition – is starting to pay off. I have a job that I love and that challenges me every day.  I feel appreciated and utilized and all those things we all look for in our careers.

And, we’re finally putting down roots in California. We’re buying a house. It’s still in escrow, so I don’t want to jinx it, but we’ll be sure to share everything soon. What I can say is that it’s all falling into place, and it feels amazing.

Cheers to that.

p.s. Our friends, Mark and Jamie, recently had a baby and we are lucky enough to count them as part of our SF family. Welcome to the world little Brinkley.


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